Acidity and Diarrhea these two words have some connection with each other especially in the case of irritable bowel syndrome with Diarrhea.

we already saw what is Pitta ( The fiery element) and why it must balance with other two elements like vata(Airy element) and kafa(watery element).

pitta the fire digests the food but excess pitta is like the poison which harms the inner walls of our intestine, the wall which holds the food and helps to digest the food.

the lines on our wall get weaken and capacity of the intestine to hold the food and pass that food for further process get weaken.

I saw one image on homeopathic medicine’s cover that how the inner wall gets damage and how food cannot hold by our intestine.

Especially, some common things you will find in those persons who are pitta pradhan (fiery element dominant) person.

you may see he/she is more angry, sharper, less sleep, don’t be surprised why he/she is like this, he/she is because the fiery element within his/her makes them like that.

so the next time if you see the person with the short temper and sharp mind be sure that he/she may dominant by Pitta (fiery element).

even I observed about my self that Acidity triggers Diarrhea and IBS.

most importantly, avoid the food which increases the pitta level (level of the fiery element).

otherwise you have to face acidity and diarrhea.

one more reason to increase the problems related to digestion is Stale food.

because it does not suit to our today’s topic but it is the main reason many people suffered from problems related to digestion.

I agree everybody has his/her own lifestyle own routine I don’t want to say anything about it and it’s not my right too.

but why people eat stale food, I mean they keep their cooked food in Microwave Oven and they enjoy this food.

do you think that anybody will get any nutritional values by eating this food?!

this food is like Junk and you are giving the extra load to your digestion system.

how will it work smoothly? how it will take any nutritional value if NV has not remained in that food,

did you ever taste the freshly cooked food? taste it and you will feel the difference.

My observation is, the Stale food produces a large amount of pitta in our body. and it’s my experience

certainly, you better know which food creates more pitta, no one knows better about your body than yourself.

Which food items must avoid if you have acidity and diarrhea?

  • Meat.
  • Dairy products.
  • Grains with gluten.
  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • alcohol.
  • Items like bread and pasta may increase the acid.
  • Lemon.
  • Whale. (though it may help to cut the acid level it depends on the person).
  • Yogurt(if eat at night, it increase acid in huge amount, avoid it at night).
  • Sit in thunderbolt pose for few minutes after dinner.

the fiery element is the backbone of the digestion system.

 create trouble when in an excess amount and creates trouble too when it is in less amount.

dear sufferers, please avoid those food items which causes acidity and diarrhea.


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