Anxiety, Sometimes you feel uncomfortable, uneasy. You don’t understand why you feel uneasy and uncomfortable but something is going abnormally at your inside. Yes! sometimes we feel Anxious but if you feel anxious every day, It is not a Good sign.

Some People may think that Anxiety and fear both are the same but that is not the truth. Fear is something which you feel when you are in danger or it is the feeling or says the warning of the mind for future’s danger.

Already mentioned below about some possible causes of anxiety. In below list, we can add Genetically caused anxiety. In short no specific reason, we can state firmly about the reason of Anxiety disorders.

But one thing is for sure according to my point of view. Anxiety is the fear of loss or harm. Many people feel anxious when they feel themselves in danger.

So we can say that anxiety is somewhat psychosomatic and related to mental health. I mean it is not like that, some virus of Anxiety enters in your body and you start Anxious. Is it? No!

Often experts see and mentioned that he or she is fighting with Anxiety disorder because of sudden shock or some bad childhood memories.

I observed in Many Facebook groups related to Anxiety and depression that the person who has an anxiety disorder, Always feels lonely, Exhausted, defeated and he or she always speak some negative words about self.

Like, I am not beautiful, I am not good, Nobody loves me etc.

According to me, you can not separate these two mental conditions. I mean the person who feels anxious often feels depressed or vice-versa.

Look! I am not someone expert but this is my observation when I try to speak with the person who has anxiety disorder and depression.

In simple words, anxiety is feeling uneasy about the future’s outcome.

I think talked much about the evil of anxiety. Let us talk about some solutions or let us talk some positive I mean everybody knows about Anxiety but want some solutions. And my opinion is, Breathing techniques or exercise like Pranayama is excellent and beneficial if you often feel anxious.

When you feel Anxious you lose control over your mind. yes! you don’t lose the complete control if there is a minor anxiety attack.

How can you control on your unrest and uncontrolled mind? a simple answer is a “pranayama”. Prana means life force or energy and Ayama means control.

have you noticed? When you breathe deep and steady. you feel relaxed. you feel the peace of mind. why? because we connected to our mind with breathing. I mean when you inhale and exhale with full awareness you will find that you gain the control over your mind again.

in simple words, pranayama has 3 stages which give you an amazing result if you practice daily.

1st stage is deep and steady inhale. 2nd stage is the time in between inhale and exhale and 3rd is of course exhale. inhale deep and steady. inhale with full energy let the lungs feel them with fresh air (life force energy-prana).

hold this air as much as you feel comfortable and slowly exhale. The most important thing to remember. Do it with full consciousness. Yes! without full consciousness or without concentrating on your breathing. you can not practice Pranayama.

What happens when you fully concentrate on the breathing?. Your mind forgets about fear of uncertainty about future’s outcome. because the mind cannot do both the things at the same time.

There are different postures to practice pranayama.

  1. Vajrasana or thunderbolt pose.
  2. Padmasana or Ardha Padmasana.
  3. Siddhasana
  4. Swastikasana
  5. Sukhasana.

You can no more about how to practice pranayama in detail. Here

There are many yoga poses which helps to fight Anxiety and depression but Pranayama is the most simple technique, I think.

You can also do trees pose or vrikshasana to cure anxiety and improve concentration

Dear friends. I tried to mention some possible causes of Anxiety. In my case, I feel anxious when I feel the abdominal pain and discomfort because of IBS D

   I want to just tell you one thing. Negativity is the biggest trigger and possible cause of any mental and physical health issue because you can’t separate mind and body so try to be positive.

Anxiety: the simple meaning is, the feeling of nervousness or discomfort or feeling uneasy about the future’s outcome.

yes of course life is uncertain you cannot judge anything or you cannot close about anything or any person.

everything is uncertain but does it mean that you should feel 24x7x365 days anxious and uneasy?  Yes!.

It is unavoidable in case of certain medical conditions or in case of mental or physical illness.

but keeps in mind that if you are 100 % fit and healthy and you are feeling anxious for future then you are inviting lots of disease for your future.

Let us find out some possible causes of anxiety and try to match your condition if it does match it with any of the following conditions. Then don’t worry you are very close to overcoming your anxiety.

Possible causes of anxiety.

  • Any severe or chronic illness.
  • Any impact on the mind in past due to some unhappy moments or incidents.
  • Unhealthy environment.
  • Health issues related to your gut.
  • Loneliness: maybe you don’t believe but if you don’t have loving, caring person you may feel anxious, lonely and down I experienced it so many times so I think it is the possible cause which makes the situation worse.

I believe that there is a deep connection between anxiety and Serotonin. what is the connection between Serotonin and Anxiety, stress

Dear friends, I know that we are enough capable to overcome and I am sure you can deal with this problem, just need to find out the reasons behind it.

You may add some more possible causes you are all welcome for adding points to the list, we all together with help of each other will overcome the situation.

We will get the solutions and ways to overcome it but friends never lose hope. Yes, you can!!!!!!!! Yes, you will!!!! You are the king of your own kingdom. Get up, dear!!!                                                                                                                                               

yes, there is the solution, you are not alone: this link only for you, yes there is hope yes!!! you can.

Sources: Different techniques of Pranayama

difference between Anxiety and fear


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No Anxiety, No fear. yes, you can!

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