Boost Serotonin naturally. Serotonin is the hormone which keeps you happy and healthy. Of course over is bad, but a sufficient amount of it keeps you happy.

sometimes I think about my mood and I go into deep confusion.

why I feel angry, depressed, anxious without any reason.

one day one of my friends posted something about GI and mood and I got surprised.

until that moment I was thinking that the source of my different moods is Mind.

when I feel angry or anxious I tried meditation, yes, of course, it helped me but meditation was not enough to overcome my anxiety or depression or it can not makes my mind strong but I need something another.

Yes! I need something that keeps my good mood, happiness, Positive feelings, and fortunately, my one friend gave a clue that yes! something is there which can help you to cure your IBS and it will make you happy and what was that? yes! it was the magical chemical called Serotonin.

What is this magical chemical (Serotonin)?

It is 5-hydroxytryptamine or in short 5-HT and it is one kind of neurotransmitter which is mainly found in our gastrointestinal tract(GI), and in a central nervous system.

but mostly serotonin produced in GI around 90%.

now I realized why I feel angry, irritated or uncomfortable when my stomach is not ok, so it proves that when we feel happy or feel good we must thank for the magical chemical.

where is it exactly stores in our gastrointestinal tract?

It produces in the enterochromaffin cell called as EC which plays the major role in the good functioning of our GI.

serotonin not only keeps you happy but also plays the more crucial role in our life.

it is the chemical which is must need for deep sleep and deep sleep helps to function of all systems of a body.

so if you are not getting deep sleep, Check serotonin level.

what are the negative effects of low serotonin level?

 people who are suffering from any kind of gastrointestinal disorder can better tell about the negative effects of low serotonin level.

your bad mood is the product of your low serotonin level.

same way if you are feeling irritated, angry, feeling sad without reason it may cause just because of low serotonin level.

low serotonin cause depression, anxiety, lack of sleep and I think if you are suffering from Sleep apnea please check your serotonin level.

it is not limited to sleep apnea, anxiety, and depression only.

if you feel memory loss, lack of concentration or unable to get the things quickly, then check the serotonin level.

stomach or gastrointestinal disorder you have to face if you have a low serotonin level? → if you are often suffering from constipation or if you have irritable bowel syndrome with constipation then you must check your serotonin level because low serotonin causes constipation and it also can cause Diverticulitis.

diverticulitis means when you feel constipated you have to apply more pressure to pass the stool.

because of that more pressure on the colon, it develops diverticula.

so please check your serotonin level. it is easy to check with blood and urine sample.

 How to Boost Serotonin naturally?

 if you are willing to improve serotonin level, nature is always ready to help you.

there are some food and ways that certainly helps you to Boost Serotonin naturally.

so let us see.

  • Exercise: It is the simplest and easy way to improve your happy hormone level. any physical activity like Long walk, Pushups, weightlifting or sun salutation or any other kind of yoga and asana (Pose) improves your serotonin level, I prefer Sun salutation, you may try something another you like. weight lifting is also the good option if you don’t have more time.
  • Protein: protein is the good source of increasing serotonin level.

dairy products, fish, chicken are the rich source of protein and helps to improve magical chemical.

  • B6 & B12: it is the important source for improving the level. food like Fish, poultry, eggs are the good source of vitamin B6 and if you are vegetarian then try potatoes, Peanuts, Soya bean you can get more information about vitamins and minerals through vitamin and minerals, banana is also the good source of B6.

for B12 you have options like banana, Peanuts, sunflower seeds. dairy products also contain the good amount of B12 but if you are lactose intolerant then try other options. for more information about B6 and B12

  • try to get up a bit early because you are missing the most natural source of serotonin which helps you to Boost Serotonin naturally.


it’s our friend THE SUN. sun rays or sunlight helps to improve your serotonin level,

have you ever noticed freshness after you wake up early?.

don’t go for too much hot sun rays.

enjoy mild sunlight and feel the freshness.

  •  my friends,  I am suggesting you another sweet, popular option to Boost Serotonin naturally, that we love all.

    at least I love so much :-),

Dark chocolate, it is the good source of improving our serotonin level. why? because it has the high amount of cocoa than milk chocolate.

cocoa has some contents which help to stimulate this happy hormone so prefer dark chocolates instead of milk chocolate.

as we all know it’s fun time it’s the time of celebration days of Christmas.

you want happiness and want to celebrate Christmas and this magical chemical is going to boost your level of happiness.

so enjoy Christmas with more dark chocolates ;-). and yes! after that we have another occasion for the celebration. huuu it’s happy new year time :-), so get ready with for celebration with THE MAGICAL CHEMICAL.

♥♥♥♥♥ have healthy and happy days my friends and God bless all you 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥


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