Chew your food well. why I am saying that? well! I tell the reason. Once I was discussing my digestion problem with my friend, he suggested the name of one famous doctor who was practicing Ayurveda.

I searched for a doctor’s profile and videos, in one video, he was suggesting to chew food 32 times.

yes he said that most of the problems related to your body and digestion are just because you don’t chew your food properly, I went in deep about chewing of food and got some facts about it., I want to share those facts here.

What are the benefits of chewing the food 32 or more times?

  1.  when you eat food slowly by chewing it 32 to 40 times, it gets more time to reach your food into the stomach and gives signals to the brain that tummy got the food.

when you eat too fast brain cannot get proper signals from your stomach and you eat more.

excess food converted in to fat.
chewing more means food get breaks into small pieces hence easy to digest, so your digestion system doesn’t want to do hard work to digest your food.

2 you are chewing your food 32 or more times means you are enjoying every morsel of your meal, this will be magical experience you are going to take, in short, you are doing meditation, yes it is a kind of meditation, you are doing your action with full of awareness , consciously, its nothing but the meditation.

many benefits of chewing food we have seen.

but the main problem is, we can’t remember every time that we must chew the food 32 times

Chew your food well and you solved your many problems related to digestion.

Yes! I agree It is a little difficult to remember but once it becomes a habit, you will enjoy it.

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Another benefit of Chewing your food slowly is. It stimulates the immune cell Th17 which protects your teeth and tongue from bad bacterias and fungal infections.

are you feeling panic because of GERD or SIBO? then chewing food slowly can help you to control and overcome these painful situations.

If so many health benefits we get by chewing food slowly, properly, then why don’t we chew properly? well! this is the part of developing a habit which takes little time, efforts and concentration.

Chew your food 32 times

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