Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome.

 You may be thinking:

What is the connection between IBS and Gut Motility

But let me tell you: both the terms are closely related to each other. How?

Let’s find out:

 I always think about the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and continuously searching (yet search has not ended).

 Gut Motility

Along with some possible causes like SIBO(small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), miscommunication in GI tract and brain, imbalance of 3 elements in your body.

Some Ayurveda experts said it is the outcome of weak digestion.


when you see the symptoms of IBS. what do you find?.

you observed diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps and pain.

these all issues you face because of abnormal intestinal movement.

As we already discussed that faster intestinal movement causes diarrhea while slower movement causes constipation.

In both the cases along with abdominal cramps, one point is common and that is abnormal GI movement.

That’s why there is a scope about the connection between Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome.

Let us take a look what is Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome and symptoms of Gastro motility.

Gut motility or GI motility is the movement of the digestive system and transit of the content with it.

When muscles of the GI tract does not play it’s role properly, it is called as GI disorders.

GI motility disorder includes many issues related to digestives systems like GERD, SIBO, Constipation, Diarrhea,

Irritable bowel syndrome, Fecal incontinence and many other issues related to the GI tract or says the digestive system.

 What is the connection between Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome?

I think you got my point. Yes! nothing remaind to explaine.

Gut motility is stretching and contraction of the muscles in the GI which controls the movement of food you eat.

of course! GI tract is so complex and mysterious path.

I mean the digestion of a single bite of food involves so many stages and involves many internal organs or GI Parts like.

the Esophagus, Small intestine, large intestine or colon, Liver, CNS, ENS, Stomach, Anorectum.

and don’t forget the hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters(which carries signals from the brain to gut and vice-versa.

Did you know about MMC(migrating motor complex), Gastro Motility and irritable bowel syndrome?

What is the MMC? it is the electrochemical activity sweep through the intestine during fasting.

I mean the period during the meal.

It has 4 stages! It helps to throw out the indigestible parts or material.

you can not digest every food you eat.

this indigested part must throw out of the body and MMC performs an exactly same function.

every stage takes the time of 1.5 hours it means to complete the function it takes least 6 hours. right?

and what happened in the case of IBS with diarrhea?

you have to run towards the toilet instantly after eating.

and some food you eat makes this process even faster.

So can we say that the food items and things included in high fodmap list trigger the process of MMC which causes diarrhea?

yes? or No? well! no definite answer we have at this moment.

but one thing we noticed in today’s article is.

MMC consist of 4 stages and each stage takes roughly 1.5 hrs.

so you can guess now. why many people said that the gap between 2 meals must be 6hrs to 8hrs.

GUT motility, Irritable bowel syndrome, and Digestive system.

because, if you are pushing food before 6 hours, you are disturbing MMC and making Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome worse.

of course! it does not work for patients like diabetes or sugar.

( still, I am not sure in this cases)

I mean this MMC should take the same period for any type of person.

does not matter he is diabetic or normal. but cannot close firmly).

Same is true for the person suffering from IBS C or constipation. oh! so mysterious and so complex :-).

great scientists are going deeper and deeper for big bang theory and we are going deeper in our GI tract 😉

the connection between Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome and know your MMC.

experts say that the MMC activity carries in IBS patients might be the reason for abnormal gut motility.

Can we say that IBS has something to do with muscular activities in our GI tract? if the answer is Yes then we can do something.

because Yoga has some asanas and exercises to strengthen the GI tract’s muscles.

Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome is the small topic we discussed because gut motility includes from mouth to anus.

it starts from the Esophagus and ends with Anorectum.

so individually it is a vast topic.

exercise like Kapalbhati might help you to control and strengthen the bowel movement and Gastro motility and irritable bowel syndrome.


well! this is my logic and maybe I am wrong but We have to check every possibility and every possible solution which helps to cure and control irritable bowel syndrome.

Gut motility and irritable bowel syndrome

What’s the bottom line?

Gut Motility is the main part and symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal cramps are the signs and signal that motility of gut is not normal.



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