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Everybody enjoys his/her time in different ways but one part is common for all of us and that is Music.

Yes ! my friends, you will rarely get the person who does not like music.

Music is an unavoidable part of our life.

at least I can not live without music.

But did you know that,

listening right kind of music at the right time gives you more benefits?

Yes! It’s true.

With the right music, you can solve your many health-related issues like stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Today’s topic is about the effects of sound on the human body and I would like to share my blog space with my friend Jie Liang.

He is a sound and security specialist and he is going to share his views and thoughts about how right music can cure your health issues and makes your life joyful.

Thank you cureandjoy.com for inviting me to write this guest post.

I am Jie Liang a sound and security specialist working in a company related to this niche. I have set up my company website and also done a blog on sound and security system. Below will be a link to the website and my blog.

Website: www.aoce.com.sg

Blog: www.audiovisualaoce.com

I will be not be writing about anything related to the sound and security system but instead, I will be writing on how sound affects our body.

Everyone is listening to music every day. Looking at passer-by with earpiece listening to different type of music walking pass you.

But are they listening to the right music is the right time? If you are listening to the wrong music it will actually affect what you will be doing next. So, how does it affect your life?

How does sound affect our daily life?

With the right choice of music, it will actually help you with what you are going to do next.

Imagine you are doing a dance or going to a club where they play slow music.

Are you able to get high enough to party through the night? Most of us will probably fall asleep as it will bring us to the mood to relax and calm down.

Difference uses for soft and heavy music

Heavy music will actually keep our heart pumping even faster and also keep us more awake. When do we listen to heavy music?

–    Heavy music is more suitable when you are doing a hip-hop dance or breaking where you can keep your heart pumping bringing you to the right mood.

–    Clubbing always comes with music with heavy bass. Every beat will actually make you high so you can party through the night. This is one of the reasons why people will drink more during club. Are you one of them?

–    People are also listening to heavy music during exercise. It will be a source of energy for most people to keep pushing through the training.

Soft Music has the opposite effect. It will keep us calm and keep our focus on what we want to do next.

So, when do we listen to this music?

–    Before an interview or examination, it will help you relax defeating the stress you are facing and also keeping your focus on what you will be facing next.

–    Before a sleep is good to listen to soft music. It helps you release the stress build up through the day. Bringing your mental ready for your sleep. A good sleep will be important for the next day of stress.

–    Soothing a baby, this actually will help. When a baby is crying, they are actually lost and will need help to calm them down. Try playing some slow music or sing some lullaby.

–    When dining, do you like to listen to heavy music? Most of us don’t as it is something you enjoy. Slow music will keep you relax and actually allow you to enjoy your meal more. This is the reason why all restaurants are installed with a proper sound system.

Do you know that sound is used for anxiety attack too?

Have you been in a situation where you are very lost or become nervous? Why not try listening to the sound of nature? Water flowing or birds chirping sound will actually keep us calm. The sound will actually calm your thoughts and keep your focus on the issue you are facing. This will help you get an answer easily.

How I use music in my daily life

I had tried using different music in several situations to help with my daily life.

Body Building

Looking at my build now no one will believe I step into the bodybuilding world before. During the period I will always listen to heavy music to motivate myself to push even heavier weight.

Facing Examination

This is something everyone will face. How do you keep yourself calm and make your study more fruitful? Listening to soft and slow music will keep us relax and also focus on our revision. This actually helps me with the absorption of what I am studying.


I have insomnia due to the stress I am facing. I will always listen to soft music to bring myself to a relax mood which actually helps defeat insomnia.

Hope this post will actually help you choose the right song for the right activity. There are people who use sound for sound therapy.

If you want to read more post by me you can visit www.audiovisualaoce.com

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