Irritable bowel syndrome is like invisible disability, it makes the person like the prisoner in prison,

but don’t worry We can manage It with some simple solutions, so let’s find out.

Deal with Irritable bowel syndrome with 6 tips

1) It’s the most important thing to find out your triggered food, I repeat, find your triggered food once you find your triggered food, you almost have done it.

2) get your gut-friendly food means to find those food items with which your gut feel comfortable.

3) strictly avoid heavy meal, divide your meal into 3 or 4 times, never eat full, keep some free space in your tummy so you will feel lighter and comfortable.

4) get good probiotic and enzymes and it’s better if you get natural probiotic through your daily food, yogurt is an excellent natural probiotic, try it.

5) no option for meditation, yoga, and regular exercise, no matter what exercise you practice, be regular, don’t skip it, if you don’t have time just walk for 5 minutes or just few sun salutations are more than enough but exercise is must. read more about Sun salutation

6) remember stress is your enemy if you want to beat IBS you have to overcome on stress, no matter how difficult the situation does not beat by stress, deep breathing is an excellent way to overcome the stress, try it.

Few words about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dear friends! I clearly wrote RED BOLD words like stress is your enemy, avoid a heavy meal, find out your triggered food. it simply means you must avoid it. And the words in Bold green color like gut-friendly food, yogurt, meditation, yoga, and regular exercise. it means you must do these things.

I observed one thing about irritable bowel syndrome.  there is no particular formula or medicine to cure or control it.

Apply above-mentioned tricks and tips to cure IBS because many gastroenterologists said it is the miscommunication in brain and gut.

while some Ayurveda experts said poor digestion system is the main cause.

No matter what is the reason. I tried both allopathic and Ayurveda and concluded above things which I wrote in green and red.

Friends, you are just wasting your money If you are treating your IBS without considering above points.

make sure that you got  6 points, and you will find that you have beaten IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

have a great and healthy day Friends ????

My tips and tricks to cure irritable bowel syndrome in detail with a 1-minute video.



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