Gut-Brain connection

The most mysterious parts of our bodies are brain and Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is like an invisible devil. experts and gastroenterologists are trying their best to find the root cause of IBS but no one could tell the exact cause it.

experts and gastroenterologists have different opinions and views about IBS. some say IBS is the result of SIBO while some say it’s abnormal movement of the intestine, some say it’s the result of food allergy and low immunity of intestine.

But new study and research throw light on a new point and we must discuss it.

according to some research, the gut-brain connection is the point which must be considered while treating IBS

maybe you don’t believe it, But it’s true.

you can’t separate the two organs of your body, the mind, and the stomach

healthier your mind is, your stomach is healthy too, and vice-versa. I mean a healthy mind is impossible without a healthy stomach.

let us see, what is the exact relationship between the healthy stomach and Mind.

the brain controls the body including stomach and gut flora

What is the Gut-Brain connection and how ENS works?

the second brain in our gut sends signals to your brain. ENS (the enteric nervous system is the second brain located in the gut) which sends signals to your main brain (Central Nervous System) that stomach needs food.

the main brain arranges the food by giving instructions to our body.

when ENS enteric nervous system sends a signal that stops eating food, your brain must catch that signals of the ENS and act as ENS suggested.

if you don’t listen to the voice of ENS, your liver has to do extra work. It has to work for digestion of that surplus food.

The liver has to release the more acid and Enzymes to digest the food causes stress and create more acid in the stomach.

Three important things to remember

  1. you ate more food means wastage is more Because you don’t need a surplus amount of food.
  2. Next time be careful while eating. because wastage either thrown out or converts into fat.
  3. In both, the situations your GI and digestive system need to work harder which is stressful.

The anus is the opening where the gastrointestinal tract ends. The anus starts at the bottom of the rectum, the last part of the colon (large intestine).

The anorectal line separates the anus from the rectum.

  1. it’s the main key to a healthy stomach is don’t eat too much amount of food at once eat a little amount of food for 1 time , you have to listen carefully, the voice of your ENS if you want a healthy mind, yes healthy mind I didn’t write this word “Mind” by mistake,
  2. You need a healthy stomach for a healthy mind, That’s why our ancestors said,

unhealthy food will make your mind like the devil and healthy food makes your mind divine
eat healthily, don’t each too much, divide your meal

Listen to the voice of the ENS enteric nervous system

but you have to use your little willpower to eat less. it will be difficult to eat a fewer amount of food for the earlier stage. but after a few days of practice, you will feel that it is the best decision you have ever taken.

one more thing I want to share with you.  Chew your food well because it helps to digest the food easily.

How to keep your ENS healthy?

I think you got an idea of how important our ENS is! though ENS is like an autonomous body, any action in Your central nervous system can affect your ENS.

For example, When you shout on someone or when you feel depressed, stressed your GI tract also experience something negative. Have you observed ever, when you are stressed, angry or emotional?

your IBS becomes worse? yes! it is because every emotion in your CNS or brain is carried to your gut through neurons or neurotransmitters and your GUT reacts.

the reason your GI expert advise you to keep yourself away from anger, stress and depression are.

It directly affects your IBS 

IBS sufferers are more sensitive and emotional compared to other people and so they have to face more problems. many experts said IBS is psychosomatic and now I am getting why they said like this.

The enteric nervous system mainly depends upon neuropeptides and small molecules and serotonin are one of the most important molecules which is strongly responsible for Gut Motility or Irritable bowel syndrome because of almost 90-95% serotonin produced in the GI. another article of will give you a more clear idea about serotonin, gut motility, and IBS

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