Health is Wealth. Hello! my dear friends.How are you all…?, I hope you are Fit, Fine and happy. When I was thinking about what would be the perfect name for my website, I thought, Dig a lot, searched and asked for suggestions from many people but no name perfectly suits.

Then I realize nothing is perfect but I must find something which would be the most suitable for my articles. My concept is pretty clear. If you are 100% healthy, you are happy, Joyful so I decided the name cure and joy.

But let me tell you my point of view of being 100% healthy. 100% health does not mean only a healthy body but a healthy mind too. For being healthy you need healthy food,  water,  Air (which is very difficult to get today). For healthy Mind, Healthy thoughts are like good food.  Positive, Creative, Constructive thoughts which are pure and free from Envy, Jealousy, Anger, Fear,

For Mental health, you need the healthy stomach. Yes! maybe you are a bit surprised but its true. There is a very deep connection between your healthy mind and healthy stomach and it is obvious that,

if you need a healthy stomach, you must eat healthily, drink healthy. same way you can’t ignore the exercise of your mind and body.

we know about the exercise of a body but about the mind, we don’t know very much. We are going to discuss what is the exercise for the healthy mind which we can do.

I know you want to know about the connection between mental health and stomach so I would like to refer the link to my post here

I started my blog to write about the problems, disease related to the gut but then I realized life means totality.

Life does not mean only one part of your body but it is the vast topic and for joyful life along with healthy Gut we need healthy mind and brain too and Thanks to the great Man.

The Sage Patanjali who invented various Yoga poses which helps us to keep our mind and body fit and healthy. We are going to put the focus on different yogic poses and their benefits.

Dear friends! I am the one who would like to share only those things on which I believe. The things which I experienced, The things which I tried.

I don’t like to write any hypothetical or something which I never experienced. Maybe my idea will not fit you or maybe it will magically work for you.

But it is pretty clear that nothing is permanent, you or I can not give guarantee for anything. what is in our hand is to just a try. try with full trust, confidence, and belief. If you win you will get the reward, the benefits but if you lose you will learn a lesson.

I hope we will connect with each other through these posts and articles and when it is possible, I would try my best to help you. after all, it is the law of nature.

you can not get anything before you served, you cannot take before you give. I would like to thank you for giving your precious time. your suggestions are very precious to me and I will try to improve the post and articles with the help of your suggestions. Finally, I just want to say stay healthy, stay happy with cure and joy(

healthy mind and body
Health is wealth


The information provided in this post including all types of graphics and media and other material is for information purpose only. The purpose of this post is to help the reader for various health topics. It is not intended to be substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other expert with any query you have regarding medical condition or treatment and never neglect or disregard professional or medical advice or delay because of something you have read in this post. Remedies you try from this post is strictly at your own risk.


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