Diet has a deeper connection with good health. How should someone decide his or her healthy diet?

Some health issues related to tummy are god gifted 🙁 but we create the most. yes! you heard right, why we eat without using our brain.

the second brain in our tummy always suggests us how to eat, when to eat, how much you should eat and what to eat meant what suits to your body and what doesn’t.

no! no! of course, I know my limitations I know I am not a doctor, but I know I am human, and nature gives me enough intelligence to live.

nature gives me 2 brains one is in my skull and one is in my tummy, but I always ignore my second brain while eating.

I listen to the voice of my mind and ignore the voice of my second brain, and of course,  regret when complete my meal.

OMG! I ate so much food and feeling so heavy, I should not eat like this and all…

but why I don’t think before eating? why don’t I think when the process of eating was going on?

just because I love my mind more than my brain. actually, I ignore the voice of brain.

I ignore The deeper connection between diet and health, and then what! of course, the journey of hell starts,

bloating, heavy tummy, indigestion, feeling slack, gas, sometimes diarrhea and many more gifts are given to us by self.

I always regret why could not I control myself and why did I eat an excess amount of food.

I am 100% sure that if we can control our desire for eating, we don’t need to fill the pockets of doctors with money.

we are loosing by both sides of one hand we are spending money to cure our disturbed tummy and on the other hand, we are losing the joy of life.

it means we have to pay the penalty which is a thousand times more than we earned,  and why it is happening!

Just because of an uncontrolled mind.

It’s not about you or me it’s about all those who can’t control their mind.

Important instructions to follow about your diet and meal.

  • Don’t make your tummy full, make some space.
  • Divide your meal into 3 or 4 pieces,  manage your meal consciously.
  •  Most important, never take heavy dinner.
  • always eat less when it’s time of night or finish your meal at the end of an evening.

I am saying evening because I don’t have an idea about each country’s clock.

In India between 6 to 8 pm is the perfect time for dinner so please manage as per your timings.

  • Somebody is ok with Gluten but someone may not ok with Gluten so please think this before deciding your diet.
  •  eat fruits, fruits are the beautiful gift given by nature to us and best to eat seasonal fruits. For example in India during summer times mangoes, watermelon, etc. In winter other fruits are there.
  • Don’t go to bed instantly after finish of your meal , sit for few minutes in thunderbolt pose(vajrasana) or if you can go for an evening walk it’s better , persons with IBS D take care before you go for walk 🙂 make sure your tummy is ok because if you ignore voice of tummy it may create problem (person with IBS D can’t control his/her bowel movement).
  • If possible, drink warm/hot water during the meal it is good for digestion.

here are some video links which I liked about food or meal hope it will help you.

how does one decide about healthy food and diet

must watch

friends I don’t make my opinion about diet and health just by watching any videos or by reading an article.

I write what I experienced. have a good time friends and have a healthy tummy 🙂


The information provided in this post including all types of graphics and media and other material is for information purpose only. The purpose of this post is to help the reader for various health topics. It is not intended to be substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other expert with any query you have regarding medical condition or treatment and never neglect or disregard professional or medical advice or delay because of something you have read in this post. Remedies you try from this post is strictly at your own risk.


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