healthy dinner tips. How do you eat is the most important for the healthy stomach in short for a healthy mind and body.

as we know a healthy stomach is a key to healthy living.

by changing a few habits we can get magical outcomes.

Let us see some important things to remember before, in and after the meal.

Healthy dinner Tips to enjoy your food and stay healthy.

  • relax before you start your meal. simply enjoy deep breathing for 10 minutes before you start your meal. breathe calm and deep.
  • you must break your food into small pieces for easy digestion of your food.
  • chew at least for 20 to 32 times, it has 2 benefits, one you can easily digest your food and second, you will eat less. this is the most important and little difficult tip among all healthy dinner tips because you need to fully concentrate on your meal if you want to follow this tip.
  • if possible please switch off your tv and keep your cell phone away during a meal.  just enjoy your food, don’t forget it’s a god’s gift. respect it.
  • after finish your meal, seat in vajrasana posture for 10 minutes, you will surprise when you will feel that your stomach is not feeling heavy, your stomach will feel light and calm. you can learn how to seat in vajrasana posture from any video in WWW.YOUTUBE.COM

Why should you go for a walk after dinner and why I said to avoid late night dinner?

  • If you have little time then just go for a short walk just for 2 to 5 minutes. it will boost your digestion and to avoid acidity after the meal it is the best way. actually walking 10-15 minutes after dinner helps you to digest your food and helps to keep your sugar level under control. According to some people, walking after the meal helps to burn calories but I don’t think it’s right.

in an exceptional case, it is ok to walk more than 15 minutes but avoid too much.

just 10 minutes are enough. and if you don’t have time, I suggested the thunderbolt pose in above-mentioned point.

Developing good habits take some time. don’t feel down.

  • don’t take dinner late at night it will produce the amount of acid in your stomach cause acidity. take dinner as early as possible at least 3 hours before you sleep. According to Ayurveda and many dietician and experts taking a dinner late night can make you fat.

along with developing obesity, late night dinner causes health issues like indigestion, acidity.

According to many Ayurvedic doctors and experts. lying down to bed after eating dinner is extremely bad for your health.

Every creäture on this earth follows its schedule designed for them by nature but human is an exceptional case.

 according to experts. when we eat late at night actually we are disturbing our sleep and if you took a heavy meal at night you are really inviting diseases and health issues for you. This link will clear your doubts

Take your time and one day you will be successful to develop healthy eating habits.

  • Take your time don’t feel down or defeated if you are not able to change your bad eating habits quickly. Keep in mind that it took years to develop some bad eating habits

and it will take some time to turn your bad habits into good eating habits.

If you are thinking you can change your eating habits quickly, then you are wrong. I think.

Why the size of plate and amount of food matters a lot?

  • Amount of food matters: More amount of food doesn’t mean healthy eating. make sure that you are getting all vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, calcium and all other important things which keep you healthy.

your body doesn’t need more amount of food it needs proper nutritional values. so while preparing for a meal.

  • take a small plate and divide the meal into different portions. you might be thinking what is the point of taking a small plate for the meal?

Let me tell you. It has one psychological aspect. when you look at big size plate fill with all food items in that plate, your mind thinks that, Oh ! so less amount of food. No, it is not enough for me. I need to take more amount of food to fulfill my hunger and when you take a small plate the same amount of food seems larger.

Yes! it’s quite surprising but it is true actually. if our brain or mind believes that we are eating a sufficient amount of food then we did our job. If you need more evidence of why I am saying to choose a small plate. please go through this link

These are the few healthy dinner tips which help you with a healthy gut and healthy life.

Sources: avoid late night dinner and stay healthy.

 stay healthy by avoiding late night dinner.

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