Digestion and emotions. Believe it or not your gut and emotions in your mind has the strong connection, did you ever see when you were sad or anxious you couldn’t eat your food easily you had no taste though the food was very tasty for others you felt food has no taste why?

because of your sad mood, you didn’t love your food so it couldn’t digest well and the cycle of nightmare has started.

at least when you are taking your meal , try to be calm , try to be happy, there is no use to think about your past or future when you are your taking your meal at present, I know it is very difficult to concentrate on your food when your mood is off but to avoid digestion problems, to avoid pain, discomfort in future , you have to concentrate on your meal.

so why don’t you love your meal! why don’t you enjoy each piece of the meal, a piece of food, and as I said to chew your food at least for 20 to 32 times, then it will be easily get digested and you will be walking one step towards your healthy stomach, healthy life?

Enjoy your food in a happy mood. because digestion and emotions have a close relation with each other.

  1. chew your food 20 to 32 times.
  2. don’t drink water during the meal.
  3. include one food item which is the rich source of fiber.
  4. if you are not comfortable with insoluble fiber, take the soluble fiber supplement like isabgol or psyllium husk.
  5. practice deep breathing before 10 minutes to start your meal.
  6. taste your food. don’t eat mechanically, we are not the robot.
  7. if you have good perfume spray it, use any incense stick which will give fresh odor which might help you to keep you relax and calm.

I said what I do, maybe you are doing something different, but one thing is common. Digestion and emotions have deeply connected with each other.

and I already mentioned in my one blog post is that the GUT is the second brain.

love your food and try to be happy when you are taking your meal, dinner or lunch or breakfast.

be happy, love your food.

have a happy time 🙂

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