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I know I already talked much about Ibs, but you know why I always try to write about IBS?

because somehow I want to help those who are fighting with it and feeling helpless and miserable,

I know the pain, I know the misery, yes! of course, it is not life-threatening.

but what about the misery, pain and low feeling?

it crushes your confidence and you feel that you are the weakest person.

no, but you are not!  you are the strongest person who is fighting with this disorder.

let us tell them who does not know anything about IBS.

let us give some information about it.

what are the symptoms of IBS and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally?

symptoms may vary according to the type of IBS, but one symptom is common among all persons who are suffering from IBS and that is abdominal pain or the stomach ache.

it also varies with the patient to patient but most of the people find that it pains at the lower abdomen.

some symptoms of discomfort, bloating, feeling like stomach is always full(some person may feel he/she is hungry even after a heavy meal) maybe he/she feels it because of the wrong signal by the brain to gut.

sharp pain in the stomach only gets relief after passing gas and many troubles they face with IBS.

another thing is it seems that there is very less possibility of any connection of IBS and liver.

because in IBS you do not lose your appetite in general.

What are the types of irritable bowel syndrome and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally?

irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in short IBS C (C for constipation),

irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea in short IBS D (D for diarrhea),

irritable bowel syndrome with mixed symptoms means some time with constipation and sometimes with diarrhea which is more annoying and irritating.


what is the cause of IBS?

nobody can tell the exact cause of IBS, but many possible causes are there.

  • miscommunication between brain and gut is on number one place in this list.

when you eat something food travels either too slow or too fast because of abnormal movement of the intestine.

in diarrhea, it travels too fast and it does not give enough time for digestion and the intestine cannot absorb the water in food means when you have watery stool it means the intestine cannot absorb the water and food passes as it comes.

on the other hand in IBS C food travels too slow and intestine absorbs more water from your food and stool gets hard.

did you notice one thing? it means if we are successful to keep our intestine’s movement or if we can control the movement of our intestine we can control the IBS but how to do it, yes! we are searching for it.

  • SIBO is another possible cause SIBO means small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. SIBO and IBS symptoms in both cases are almost common except for some symptoms.

overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine.

yes! the small intestine is one through which your food comes and after that, it breaks down in a very small particle.

The liver releases some chemical or acid which is must digest the food, so if your small intestine is with overgrowth of bacteria it means difficult to digest your food properly.

  • The overdose of antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your stomach which is the possible reason for IBS or any other gastrointestinal diseases.

and please stay away from the antibiotics if possible.

I mean for any minor disease or problem you should not use it because it may result in longterm bad effects on your stomach.

  •  Stress: a healthy person also feels discomfort in the stomach when he/she feels stressed or anxious, it means

stress is the trigger for some persons while some say it is the major possible cause of IBS.

  • If you were sick or ill for long period it may make your digestion poor.

this is also the possible cause but not sure it is the cause or just people’s sayings.

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How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally with some Don’t dos.

& don’t divide your meal into 3-4 times. don’t take large or heavy meals.

don’t eat food with high protein and fats.always eat food with low fat and high carbs.

don’t take dinner late at night or close to dinner at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed.

don’t stay awake for late night, your body needs time to digest the food.sleep early and wake up early was the mantra of good health.

avoid stress daily practice different breathing techniques to avoid stress  ♦♦♦♦♦ dear friends, I especially noted the things in red color which must avoid and noted those in green which must do every day.

you can also make the same chart with dos and don’t and can stick it to your bedroom’s wall.

to work it as the reminder. will you do it? at least will you think about making such type of chart? please think about it.♦♦♦♦♦

I Don’t have a very much good skill in video editing but I tried to make this video especially for those who don’t want to read this detailed post. please go through this video for some more tips about the cure of IBS.

and if you love reading in detail about my tricks to control IBS please read the full post.

List of some Ayurvedic medicines and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally.

first, take a look at Ayurvedic medicines and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders and

Ayurvedic medication for IBS diarrhea.

  • Entostal.
  • Dadimavaleha.
  • Bilagyl.
  • Bilvasan.

How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally.

  • dried bael fruit/Aegle Marmelos mixed with water and drink it 3 times/day.

remember not to take outer shell go for inner.

It is better to search for how to prepare bael fruit juice. try dried bael for better results.

  • black tea mixed with lemon juice. how to cure diarrhea with black lemon tea.
  • yogurt mix with psyllium Psyllium husk/Isabgol and eat this mixture.
  • pomegranate is highly effective in diarrhea to eat. or drink the juice of pomegranate. better to eat than drink
  • beetroot has the high amount of fiber and many more health benefits.

so daily include beetroot in your meal and drink plenty of water with it.

to avoid diarrhea it is the best option with rich fiber.

let us see medicines/remedies for IBS Constipation and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally?

  • castor oil.
  • hot water with lemon as soon as you wake up.
  • peppermint essential oil with coconut oil massage abdomen 3 times a day.

we discussed medicines and remedies but without yoga or physical exercise, you cannot get complete control.

so let us see which poses and asanas help you to control the irritable bowel syndrome.

poses for irritable bowel syndrome with constipation and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally?

  1. mayurasana: peacock to do mayurasana
  2. halasana: Plough poses how to do halasana
  3. pavanmuktasan: wind-relieving pose. how to do it
  4. butterfly poses or baddha konasana. how to do it
  5. sun-salutation: what is the sun salutation.
  6. cat-cow pose how to do it
  7. kapalbhati pose how to do it, how to do it with different style

List of Yoga poses and How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally

  1. Bharadwaja’s twist: Bharadvajasana how to do it
  2. boat’s pose: Paripurna Navasana how to do it
  3. Child’s pose: Balasana how to do it
  4. downward-facing dog pose: Adhomukhasvanasana: how to do it
  5. half-moon pose: Ardhachandrasana how to do it
  6. Marichasana: how to do it
  7. Sarvangasana how to do it
  8. Copse pose: Shavasana (to relax your nerves in brain and gut): how to do it
  9. kapalbhati – to strengthen your abdominal muscle.

never-never never eat the stale food I am specially requesting you this through strikethrough because it is very harmful to your gut.

sorry friends post went so long. I know the bit boring to read so long.

but I believe that if you want to help, do it with a full heart.

have a good day my dear friends and hope you will get something useful for this post.

you are always welcome for any kind of suggestion.

please add if you know more about how to cure irritable bowel syndrome, have healthy and happy life friends.

adding some more value to this long and detailed blog post with some more posts to link which suggests you about How to treat Ibs and bowel disorders naturally.

cure IBS naturally

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Yoga and Ayurveda to cure IBS
Irritable bowel syndrome is curable with yoga and Ayurveda


The information provided in this post including all types of graphics and media and other material is for information purpose only. The purpose of this post is to help the reader for various health topics. It is not intended to be substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other expert with any query you have regarding medical condition or treatment and never neglect or disregard professional or medical advice or delay because of something you have read in this post. Remedies you try from this post is strictly at your own risk.


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