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Don’t take it lightly about your Bowel movement

Have you ever wondered what happens with the food we eat? where does it go, how does it disappear from mouth ?a How does our body use this food, and where does the waste go!!!!awwww!!! Is there any magical process behind this???!!!

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Yes my dear ones, your body is a magician who performs all these magical experiments for you. And it’s not for a day or couple of week but each and every day, every second for your life. Though you are sleeping, your body is awaken for you 24/7.

  One of these magics performed by your body is your Bowel Movement.

What if you are not throwing out rubbish  from your sweet home? Will it be sweet if  waste,stale is inside your house? Of course not.Same happens with your body also.



Let’s know about what this process exactly is…

What is Bowel Movement?

            Food that we eat from mouth has a long journey, It has to pass through a process called Digestion. And last stop for this food is Bowel Movement.

When we eat  food through  mouth by chewing it up to sufficient number of times as we discussed in our previous post Chew your food and loose weight faster. This food reaches to small intestine by passing through throat and then esophagus and then to gut or stomach.

when it reaches to small intestine, muscular walls absorb all the nutrients .

Bowel Movement :

            Digestion begins in mouth and ends to Bowel that is lower part of your digestive tract. When food reaches to your bowels, some part of  water and salt remained after digestion  are absorbed . Some waste left after digestion becomes more solid and left as Bowel Movement .

This waste produced after digestion is usually called as stool(Bowel Movement). This stool passes out of our body through rectum. Rectum is a chamber which connects colon or large intestine to anus. Feces is synonym for stool which is waste after digestion of food you eat or fluid you drink. It can be solid, semisolid or sometimes in fluid form also.

Why feces occur in these states???Yes you are absolutely right. This happens because of Bowel Movement.

Regular Bowel Movement:

            Every human has different body structure and bodily functioning. Not everyone has same Bowel movement in a day. Healthy Bowel is a crucial topic as change in Bowel Movement can be a sign of unhealthy gut. And I actually experienced what problems an unhealthy gut faces and I don’t want that to be happened with you as mine.

Understand, rather bold these lines that Everyone has unique Bowel . Bowel Movement varies people to people, person to person. It’s not necessary what is normal for a person should be normal for another one.

Research says that one should have Bowel Movement for maximum three times a day or minimum three times in week. Means regular Bowel Movement is At most thrice a day or at least thrice a week.

Bowel Movement and Diarrhea:

Normally it takes 36 hours to pass stool through colon; but due to some reasons, Bowel Movement is not normal.  Sometimes stool passes through small intestine quickly. We may say this is the reason for diarrhea.

When stool(Bowel Movement) is loose or watery, It is symptom of diarrhea.

Bowel Movement and Mental piece:

From years of observation I found that, Normal Bowel movement is super important in every aspect of life. especially for  peace of mind or say for  concentration, for deep sleep, your bowel movement should be fine.

You may disagree with me but: Did you observe that, when you have incomplete bowel movement, you can’t enjoy deep or sound sleep and next day you feel Boring, lazy why? it happens because of upset stomach and of course incomplete bowel movement.

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May Disturb Bowel Movement:

one more important thing want to share with you, if you are a late night person or if you don’t go early to bed, you are disturbing your bowel movement, this is not true for all, but I am saying this because of some reasons.

Body needs time to digest the food, absorb nutrients and separate the waste or say undigested part and you are disturbing the whole process by not going early to bed.

As we already said, stomach or Gut is the second brain and abnormal bowel movement means abnormal gut(Second brain) so definitely it disturbs your sleep, do you agree?



Hello, my friends. how are you all? I am Rajesh from India and I would like to share my experiences, Ideas, and thoughts through my words. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles and I would be happy if you find something in my articles which will help you to make your life more joyful. I wrote down more than 100 names which will suit my articles but I found cureandjoy is the most suitable one because health is the most important thing in our life and we can not be happy without being 100% healthy. and 100% healthy doesn't mean only body but also your mind must be 100% healthy then only you are 100% healthy and joyful. At last, I would like to thank all of you readers who spent their valuable time to read my articles. Thanks a Lot :-)


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