pitta dosha symptoms and remedies. Prakriti(nature). Let us discuss fiery element in detail. Ayurveda says you must balance the three wheels of life, 3 is the important number which uses in many forms like Utpatti(Origin), Sthiti (existence of life), Layaa(The Disappearance of life)., same way for our body there are 3 factors which decide our health, our body type, our nature, this trinity actually rules our body and life too, what are those Trio .

Which are the 3 major elements made your body and your nature?

  1. Vata (the airy element).
  2. pitta(the fiery element).
  3. kafa(the watery element).

today we will look at Pitta dosha symptoms and remedies( fiery element), what is the pitta dosha, what is the role of pitta in our body, why the imbalance in pitta creates the problem in digestion, how to balance.

If you visit Ayurveda expert when you face indigestion or any problem related to your stomach and he said your digestive fire is weak and that is why your digestion is not well.

You may think what is mean by digestive fire or what is the relation of my digestion with Fire? so let us see in simple words. What is mean by digestive fire?

Digestive Fire is the fire needs to digest the food we eat. According to Ayurveda. Fire is the element which digests the food and generates energy.

Our body is made of five elements called “panchmahabhuta” (Panch means Five in Sanskrit). these five elements are Space, water, Air, earth, and Fire.

each element performs the different function to keep you alive. Fire performs the function called digestion. Pitta related to the fiery element which controls your digestion, process of metabolism and releases energy and any imbalance in pitta ( called as pitta dosha) means improper functioning of the fire element in the body.

As per Ayurveda experts, we need to consider pitta and kafa (watery element) when to treat pitta dosha or weak digestive fire.

You may be heard many times that you should not drink too much water during the meal and this is the reason old people said to avoid water during the meal.

When you are eating your digestive fire starts working. it starts right from chewing your food. you start chewing and your brain orders your digestive system to secretion of enzymes.

these enzymes digest the food. but when you poured too much water on fire. what will happen?! obviously you interrupt the fire and ultimately you disturbed digestion process.

So when you have pitta dosha experts mainly works on two elements in your body. pitta(fire) and Kapha(water).

You need to balance the pitta or fire with proper diet and including food which reduces your pitta dosha and the same way you need to add some food items with Kapha (water) because pitta or fire means dryness and too much dryness is, of course, bad for your health.

food with sweet taste and food with bitter taste is helpful to cut pitta dosha. vegetables like potato, sweet potato, cauliflower are good options for pitta dosha.

In short, Pitta means fire means hot and to cut hotness you need to use cool or cold things. I always try Rose petal jam or Gulkand to control my acidity, excess heat in body or pitta dosha.

Gulkand has cooling properties which help in many health issues along with pitta dosha.

As per many experts of Ayurveda irritable bowel syndrome and pitta dosha has some connections. Though as per ayurvedic experts IBS  as improper vata and pitta dosha but according to many Ayurvedic experts. Vata is the major problem

but Irritable bowel syndrome is mainly related to the digestive system so we can not neglect the role of fire or pitta dosha in irritable bowel syndrome.

The most important fact is. imbalance in vata, pitta, and kapha causes all health issues including IBS. Ayurveda also considered that stress and imbalance of neurotransmitter chemicals like serotonin is the possible cause of IBS but ultimately you can not separate fiery element when there is an issue related to digestion or stomach.

We will go into deep about Irritable bowel and Vata dosha in some other post which needs a research and understanding the things. but if you are pitta dominant person then below-mentioned cautions and tips are important for you.

What are the symptoms of the fiery element dominant person?

  • The person who has intense hunger, means can not control his/her hunger even for a minute he/she considered as person dominant with the fiery element.
  •  doesn’t like hot food items.
  •  get suffers more in the summer.
  •  requires less clothing.
  •  likes a cold drink than the hot drink.
  •  loves to bath with cold water likes cool air but cannot tolerate summer season.
  •  is not with laziness, means don’t like to be lazy.
  •  has less sleep.
  •  likes or can tolerate Astringent and bitter substances.
  •  may like sweet items.
  •  is always with much sweating.


let us see what care he/she must take to avoid imbalance of fiery element.

  • He/She must avoid alcohol or be having to drink a meager dose of alcohol.
  •  must avoid spicy food.
  • Shortage or deficiency of semen may imbalance fiery element in our body.
  • He/She must uptake more Ghee instead of oil if possible use Ghee for cooking instead of oil.
  • He/She must avoid to sleep during the day.
  •  must avoid the Grudge and try to be happy.
  • He/She must practice meditation to balance fiery element.

dear friends, in fact, Ayurveda is like a sea Abyss, which always guides us and heal us, most importantly to listen to the voice of our body and f we need very close attention to listen to that voice, isn’t it?. I just tried to share what I read and searched for it, why I chose this topic to discuss?

because it is a soul.  A backbone of our digestion system. I would like to share more about this very important element.

read more about fiery element or pitta and tips to cure and control acidity or pitta.

Have a good day dear friends 🙂

Sources: Gulkand

 pitta dosha and digestion

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