What is psyllium husk?

what is isabgol or psyllium?

it is the fiber supplement but good thing is that it’s a soluble fiber so it works like magic.

I am taking this supplement I suggest only those things which I tried and used.

no matter what brand you prefer, but you must take it.

it is nothing but the form of fiber made from the husks of Plantago ovata plant’s seeds.

it helps a lot who are suffering from indigestion, IBS, IBS c, IBS d, why in ibs d.

because it doesn’t squeeze your intestine, bowel moment makes more smooth.

it is soluble fiber so it doesn’t make trouble with your gut system, (I tried insoluble fiber and I suffered a lot).

I am suggesting  Psyllium husk only for those who are fighting with stomach and indigestion and gut-related problems.

I am not a doctor or some specialist but I want to help the people who are suffering from all issues, some benefits of isabgol or psyllium husk.

Why it is beneficial for your health?

  1. It helps in constipation and makes bowel movement smoother.
  2. it is easy to take, just mix it with the glass of water and drink one more glass of water after taking it, is more beneficial.
  3. it’s not costly.
  4. it also helps to solve the problem of overweight because it reduces cholesterol.
  5. Psyllium soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movement much easier.
  6. not only in constipation but also if you have IBS d, it helps you to make your bowel movement in control.
  7. How does psyllium husk work?
  1. Isabgol is to become like jelly when mixed with water.
  2. Not digested food and Amadosa (आमदोष) are drawn in the large intestine.
  3. In the large intestine, isabgol jelly makes Intestine skinned by the aliphatic and it removes stool which is stuck to the skin of the large intestine and it cleans the large intestine in a natural way.

but please do not take it without water or without liquid please do not swallow it otherwise you have to face the problems.


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