Cure anxiety through yoga. yes! my friends, I am talking about the trees pose which helps to control and cure anxiety.

When I was a kid I used to watch 1 tv show, it was a mythological tv show in which 1 mighty king does Austerity of god for fulfilling his wishes,

He does Austerity, not in a normal pose meant not just by sitting on the ground.

he used to practice in some strange pose for Austerity -Tapasya(it is a process in which the person continuously chant specific mantra or words and does not change his place or pose until and unless he got his wish).

I used to see him with great attention because the way he (The king) used to stand on his 1 leg and chant some words all day and night, I can’t explain his pose in words,

I will show you 1 picture above so you will get the idea what I mean to say, but the way he used to stand it was looking like a tree.

I asked my mom why he is standing in such a difficult pose, she said it is for showing dedication towards God.

after a few years, I saw the same pose when went for the morning walk, one woman was trying to stand in the same pose.

I asked her what kind of exercise are you doing ? she said it is vrikshasana (tree poses) and I practice it daily, oh! ok, thank you.

I gave thanks to her and went back home.

When you practice Yoga poses you stretch your body and muscles and release the stress in the particular muscle.

Same way, When you Practise Pranayama you try to control your mind through proper and synchronized breathing process.

And that is why you can cure anxiety through yoga.

Another important reason Yoga helps to cure anxiety and stress is.

When you do any yoga. your body releases some hormones like endorphins, Serotonin which also called happy hormones.

These hormones keep you stress-free and happy.

Ultimately, If you are happy there is no chance of anxiety or stress.

Many people take some antidepressants and medication to control anxiety and stress but some medicines have its own side effects.

But yoga does not harm you in any way if you practice it properly.

I tried this tree poses but I couldn’t stand even for 1 minute.

after the practice of 8 days, I could hold myself for 3-4 minutes or less than 3 minutes ( didn’t notice).

but after I practice it I found that I can hold my mind on one task at one time, which was very hard for me.

I find something interesting and I practice it daily.

I decided to get more information about this pose and got some very useful information about tree pose (The vrikshasana).

Advantages and benefits of tree pose or the Vrikshasana to cure anxiety through yoga

  • It improves balance and posture.
  •  controls anxiety.
  • The tree pose calms the mind and body.
  •  stretches your spine, arms, buttocks.
  •  improves concentration and helps to cut anxiety, try to stand with this pose and concentrate on one object, practice it daily and you will find that you are gaining control over your mind it helps to stop over thinking which is also a symptom of IBS(irritable bowel syndrome).
  • helps those who are suffering from sciatica.

every yoga pose has its own characteristics and benefits but it helps when you practice it regularly.

you must take care while practicing it or it is better to take proper training.

Nowadays YouTube made things so easy you can learn it so easily and with free of cost.

giving video link so it will be easy to learn. and cure anxiety.

how to do tree pose to cure anxiety through yoga?

Giving YouTube video link which will help you to learn tree pose the vrikshasana

Tree pose (vrikshasana)

How can tree pose helps to cure Anxiety through yoga and improves concentration?

When you are in tree pose you try to keep your body balance on a single leg with folding your hands above the head this balancing of the body needs to focus your mind.

you can keep your body balance only when you focus your mind.

You try to balance your body with distracted and unfocused mind and I bet you can’t do it.

So you have to focus to do the tree pose or vrikshasana.

You breathe steady and with full awareness and this is the moment when you beat the anxiety and focus your mind on one point.

You may think it is very easy to do but that is not true.

you can not do this Asana without consistent practice.

I took many days to do this asana and yet I can’t keep my mind and body in balance more than a few minutes.

So, I suggest you practice this tree pose daily with consistency and a little willpower.

In a few days, you will feel the difference. because balancing our mind and body is not an ordinary thing. It is a great achievement.

How to do Vrikshasana or tree pose

Let’s see some Yoga Poses to cure Anxiety through Yoga.

  • Cat stretch pose or Marjariasana.
  • Fish pose or Matsyasana.
  • Child’s Pose or Balasana.
  • Warrior pose or virabhadrasana.
  • headstand pose or Shirshasana (but very difficult to do and do practice under the expert’s observation.).
  • Corpse pose or Shavasana.
  • Seated Lotus pose or padmasana
  • Legs up on the wall pose or viparita Karani.
  • Crocodile Pose.

And the most effective and easy to exercise is the Pranayama.

you can practice it anytime anywhere and gives you excellent benefits.

Dear friends, every Asana is like the precious diamond and every asana or pose has designed for perfect synchronization of breathing and body.

in short perfect synchronization of mind and body.

This is the reason yoga poses not only make your body and muscle stronger but also keep up your peace of mind and excellent mental health.



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an excellent yoga pose to cure anxiety and improve concentration

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