Rishikesh – The hub of Yoga Tourism In India #XploreBharat

You roamed around Sangli yesterday with Saba’s blog. Hope you enjoyed the same. Now board the train again and get down at Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is a town located at northern state of India, Uttarakhand. Based at the foothills of mesmerizing Himalayas, this town is the prominent hub for studying Yoga and Meditation.

Many temples and ashrams are the institutions of spiritual studies. And it is always flooded with domestic and international students who wish to learn yoga and meditation.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a practice of balancing body and mind. This eternal balance between the two makes one happy and healthy.

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Yoga strengthens the body and makes it fit and flexible, whereas meditation supports the mind to be calm and composed.

Practicing yoga every day improves your heart health, helps with Asthma and helps in losing weight and getting a toned body.

Performing meditation (Pranayam) for 10 minutes every day will help you sleep better, relieve anxiety, boost concentration level and work quality, and get rid of stress.

And the combination of yoga and meditation can have many magical and surprising impact on your physical and mental health. Let’s get down at Rishikesh, the prominent station of XploreBharat Blog train.

Rishikesh – The hub of Yoga and Meditation in India

health tourism in india, cure and joy, health tourism in India, Rishikesh Tourism
Image Source – Uttarakhandtourism.gov

There are several ashrams in Rishikesh that offer Yoga and meditation practice and training along with Ayurveda treatments.

Several physical and mental conditions are healed with the help of a short and long duration of Yoga and meditation practices.

These ashrams are run by veteran Yoga trainers since quite some time and have built the trust of not only Indian tourists but also the international ones.

In recent times Rishikesh has earned the name, trust, and fame of specializing in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation.

Health Packages Offered at Rishikesh

Many yoga ashrams offer generic and customized packages for trainees and tourists.

A typical health package may include:

The morning session of Yoga / Hatha Yoga and Pranayam (Meditation) for about 6- to 90 minutes

Abhyanga and Shirodhara performed by the therapists and many herbs and oils are used into it.

Head & foot massage

Steam Bath / Shower

Yoga – evening sessions (Yogasan and Pranayam)

Even beauty treatments are performed in these packages that may include herbal facials and face masks (Mukhalepam).

Some other health packages contain Panchkarma treatments.

So Abhyangsnan, Panchkarma , Shirodhara, Januvasti, Kadivasti, Ayurvedic foot massage, Ayurvedic / Herbal facials, and Takradhara are some of the therapies performed by the yogashramas of Rishikesh.

These therapies are highly beneficial to get physical and mental health benefits along with Yoga and Meditation.

Best Ashrams for Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation

  • Himalayan Yog Ashram –

    Located at a walking distance from Anand Prakash Ashram, offers personalized and customized courses of Yoga and Pranayama. The Yoga guidance is provided by Stefania and Yogi Ram. And this Ashram delivers courses crafted with breathing exercises, spiritual teachings, and Sattvik food. Eternal healing through Ayurveda helps get rid of many mental illnesses

  • Yoga Niketan Ashram

    Yoga Niketan Ashram is one of the oldest ashrams in Rishikesh. Founded by Swami Shri Yogeshwaranandji Maharaj, this ashram provides best practices in Yoga and Meditation field.

  • Parmarth Niketan

    Lying on the holy bank of River Ganga, Parmath Niketan is fondly called a spiritual haven. Several workshops are conducted here including Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Eternal sound healing with Gongs. This prominent yoga ashram is founded by H. H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji.

  • Sivananda Ashram

    Founded by Swami Sivananda, this ashram is located near Ram Jhula. This Ashram offers various courses in yoga and meditation including Kids Yoga and Ayurveda wellness courses.

  • Omkarananda Ganga Sadan

    This ashram conducts renowned Iyengar yoga training. Located at Muni-Ki-Reti it has own ghaat and the Ganga aarti is performed here every day. The yoga courses are open for everyone but you need to reserve your seats in advance.

Rishikesh is the haven for fitness and wellness lovers. One surely needs to visit this heavenly place not only for Yoga and meditation but also for adventure activities like trekking, white water rafting, Parasailing and paragliding, Rock climbing, Bungee jumping, Camping and Bonfire, and Kayaking etc.

Image Courtesy – http://www.team4adventure.com/

Rishikesh has a reason for every kind of traveler so find your own reason and don’t miss this heavenly place.

Come here and get healed. And then visit Ujjwal’s post, on next station of XploreBharat Blog train Aizwal. Till then happy healing to you.

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  1. Rishikesh seems to be a must visit for my need of wellness. You have well explained the benefits of Yoga and meditation plus recommended some good yoga centers too. Thanks

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  3. I visited Rishikesh long back. Lakshman Jhula was the most looked forward to place for us kids because it had Jhula in its name. Now of course yoga is making Rishikesh popular. Thanks for the detailed post.

  4. I always find a divine connection with Rishikesh. Been there many times since childhood and every time I find it different, for good. A great post and a lovely list of Ashrams. Though I wish to add Sadhna Ashram run by The Himalayan Trust which is located just opposite to the river Ganga. Such a serene place and perfect for solace and meditation.

  5. I have been twice to Rishikesh as a child, but never explored the meditation camps or ashrams. I have heard of yoga and meditation camps, maybe when I feel the need to break away from this life, I will go there. 🙂

  6. Although Yoga doesn’t need any publicity these days, this post shows the allure that it holds for people from far and wide places.

    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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