Joyful and stress-free life with 5 simple tips

Stress is the cause of many diseases and of course, the unhealthy gut is the outcome of stress. so I would like to suggest some simple tips for the greatest relaxation in life.

with just 5 simple tips, you will feel the difference. Dear friends, I don’t think I need to write on the cutthroat competition in this world.

Doesn’t matter you are working in the corporate sector or you are a Student,

You have to face this competition and of course, tremendous stress is the worse gift of this race.

But give your few moments to read this article and I am sure you would get something useful for you.

Please listen to me for just 5 minutes,☺ just 5 minutes are enough to change your life.

Many motivational speakers said think big and do big, I do not totally agree with them,

I say think and do little things with the biggest concentration and devotion and get big rewards as a return gift.

5 Tips for a stress-free life.

1) Just close your eyes lay down on the floor and practice no-no not practice just enjoy ???? Shavasana (corpse pose) just for 5 minutes in the morning and if possible do it before you start your meal.

it will relax your gut and nerves and makes you feel better.

2) Just sit in thunderbolt pose for just 5 minutes after your meal. You will feel better because it helps to digest your food. read more about Thunderbolt Pose

3) you cannot practice thunderbolt pose when you are in office so just walk for 5 minutes after your lunch it helps, don’t sit after lunch, go on the walk at least for 5 minutes, do it and feel the difference.

4) practice meditation before sleep, just for 5 minutes, it helps you to get your quality sleep.

or Go for meditation in the morning. Meditation can do anytime anywhere but my observation is. You can meditate better with light stomach and at the cool time so generally, prefer morning time for meditation.

Deep sleep is quality sleep, it’s my opinion. How can deep sleep cut your stress and improves quality of life?

Doesn’t matter how much hours you sleep. If you get a deep sleep less several hours is more than enough.

Someone says 6-8 hours are ideal for good sleep while someone says 5 hours are enough for me.

so my opinion is.

there is no such kind of Ideal sleeping hours exists.

it varies from person to person but one thing is common for all and that is quality of sleep.

how deep you sleep decides how much quality sleep you get.

while you sleep brain performs its role. it prepares your body and brain itself for tomorrow’s battle.

It removes toxins from your body and heals you. re-energize your every muscle and tissues of the body.

have you ever notice that after deep sleep when you wake up you actually feel fresh, energetic and enthusiastic

you feel good because of your brain, mind works for you even after you sleep.

so it is important to get the quality sleep or deep sleep for a stress-free and joyful life.

5) play with your pet just give 5 minutes to him, I am sure you will feel so good.

a pet is just like the child, needs your attention. he does not need your property, money or anything else. he just needs your attention, love, affection and they return the same. in fact, doubles what you gave her.

Many experts say they help to cut your stress just because they give an unconditional love is the cause you feel relax and happy when you spend your time with your dearest pet.

According to experts, Pet helps to lower your blood pressure,

helps you to overcome your loneliness,

When you go on the walk with Pet unknowingly you are taking walk with them.

I mean you need to take them for a walk in the morning or in evening and ultimately you are also walking with her which is beneficial for you in many ways.

Except for the above-mentioned 5 tips to relieve stress. someone uses music as a stress-relieving therapy while someone likes yoga, meditation or workout to relieve their stress. this all ways are also an excellent stress buster.

No matter what you do to relieve stress,

But you must do something to manage your stress level.

because too much mental stress definitely harms your body and life ultimately.

Personally, I use the workout, weightlifting or yoga to release my stress. sometimes I go for walk. You may feel little strange but when you are in a company of nature, trees, birds. you feel good. I don’t know why but you feel better which helps you to relieve stress

Playing with your child is also a good way to release your stress.

you might listen to that, many people often say.

to play with my child and to spend time with him makes me feel better.

ultimately it helps to relieve your stress.


I would love to hear your ways and tricks which helps you to relieve your stress.

please feel free to share your tricks because it will help others to overcome their stress or depression.

Sources: pets are stress-reliever

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are you a pet lover?


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