Suitable diet for IBS Diarrhea

My doctor said Obesity is not good for IBS. I was quite surprised when my doctor suggested me to cut the weight. He told me that Obesity or overweight of body may make your case worse if you are IBS sufferer.

As we all know perfect BMI (body mass index) is anytime good for health. but the person with IBS exactly misses this thing. either he/she overweight or underweight and that’s quite surprising for me.

and the more interesting thing is. The food items which you should avoid to cure or control IBS are the same food items which may cause obesity or Fat body.

This is not true for all food items but many food items or diet which are bad for IBS D are also not good for obesity.

I checked the prescription he gave. and I found some suggestions along with medicines. He added that, In the case of IBS, Change in diet and lifestyle is more important than medicines.

Diet, exercise, and change in lifestyle give 70% and medicines give only 30%. as I said, he suggested some points like.

  • Reduce weight.
  • Avoid the food items with high or complex carbohydrates.
  • No Oily and Spicy food.
  • Avoid Full Stomach
  • Exercise regularly at least for 45 minutes ( he suggested walking is the best exercise).
  • Avoid Diet with high saturated Food.

 best diet for IBS diarrhea?

  1. I did not find valid or say a logical reason obesity or excess body weight is not good for IBS but many research indicating the same thing that overweight may make IBS worse.

Maybe I am wrong but I think it is because of an excess amount of fat around the belly, the stomach is the possible cause. It is not necessarily true in all cases but I strongly feel that. Overweight or obesity is bad for IBS D.

2. Some food items with the complex carbohydrates are hard to digest the food which makes the problem worse.

So it is good to eat the food items with low carbs like white Rice, Meat, Fish, Eggs. Again I suggest you check the food item which doesn’t trigger your IBS symptoms.

Track your diet and IBS and decide your best diet for IBS diarrhea.

I mean keep a note the food you eat and its effect on your Gut health.

Does it heal your GUT or makes bad?. keep the track with a notebook.

3. Why should you avoid oily and spicy food as my doctor suggested?

 The simple reason is. it causes obesity as well as makes your intestine movement faster which cause diarrhea.

an even normal person can feel the bad gut health with oily and spicy food and if you are IBS sufferer, of course, you must avoid it.

4. Avoid full stomach meal to avoid heavy stomach and stress on your digestion system. it is the most important point must follow in the list of best diet for IBS diarrhea.

5. Doctor asked me. did you ever notice that you feel good when you complete the bowel movement.? I said yes you are right.

The frequency of going to toilet greatly reduce when there is complete bowel movement or no constipation. So he suggested adding a soluble fiber diet to avoid incomplete bowel movement.

6. More than 60-70 % of my Blog posts are on exercise and yoga to control and cure IBS. Along with the best diet for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea doctor suggested regular exercise 45-60 minutes daily.

weight lifting with dumbbells, 45 minutes of walk makes me more energetic and when I miss these exercises. I simply go for Sun salutation and tree pose in the morning. 15-20 minutes are enough for both yoga poses.

7. I observed. When there is cramp, pain or discomfort in my stomach, abdomen. I start deep breathing.  inhale deeper as much as I can and exhale through mouth slowly and it works like magic for me.  feel better.

Meditation and tree pose both are beneficial for our mental health. But meditation is a little difficult so in the early stages, I prefer. Deep breathing and tree pose.

I am keen to know which tricks, techniques you use to control your IBS.

hope you will share it as I did :-). I wish you better GUT HEALTH and wealthy and joyful life ahead. Have a good day my friends. stay blessed and healthy gut with the best diet for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea.

My tips and tricks to cure irritable bowel syndrome in detail with a 1-minute video.

IBS and Obesity

An additional tip for IBS diarrhea sufferers along with the best diet for IBS diarrhea and abdominal cramp is.

increase your soluble fiber if you observed lack of fiber source in your diet.

Psyllium Husk is the best source of soluble fiber which helps you to control diarrhea and abdominal cramps.


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