Sun salutation: the excellent 12 poses for the fit body and mind. yesterday one old man told me something interesting about The Sun, he was telling me that the sun is the only visible form of god, I asked how come! then he said, can you imagine the world without sun and sunlight? I said, are you joking sir! how it is possible,

I even can’t think or imagine about this, he said right, yes you can’t because life is not possible without sun, we say God gives us this Beautiful life, but have you seen the god? he asked me, I just nodded in it, he added, you worship the god which is invisible but I worship this sun which is visible to me.

Certainly he was right, I see him every day, after bath he worships Sun every day, I have never seen that he missed this daily ritual , In ancient time people used to giving ARGHYA ( Arghya is the process of worshiping of The Sun, in this process men/women offers Jal ( Water) to Sun  with Chanting.

Rather they believe that The Sun gives us good health and life energy. In yoga there is an excellent way of greeting The Sun, these asanas (poses) are known as Surya asanas or Surya Namaskar (  The Sun salutation) here above in the picture.

it has shown the different poses of sun salutation in sequence, it works likes magic.

Because I lose some pounds with this beautiful asana ( poses) would like to recommend it for you but I am bit lazy and inconsistent so I stopped practicing it, (this is not The Sun’s fault ;-)), do you know the benefits of sun salutation? let us take a look.

Generally, Sun salutation practices early in the morning or evening facing towards the sun.

I mean if you are practicing Sun salutation in the morning you should face East direction.

In India East is the direction where Sun arises. and if you practice at evening West direction is the right direction but morning is the best time to do Sun salutation because it is more beneficial when you do it with the empty stomach.

Sun salutation not only gives you physical health but it also gives you mental health, Mental balance. For a healthy mind and healthy body, Sun Salutation is the best exercise to practice.

Sun Salutation or Surya namaskara is the most effective exercise to do because it is the mixture of different yogic poses and breathing practices. in Fact, every asana or pose has its benefits but Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is the mixture of 12 poses so gives you exercise and strengthen your every organs and body part.

12 poses=1 sun salutation.

One wise man suggested me to do 12 Sun salutations daily. but honestly speaking I can’t do 12 sun salutations daily.

So, I suggest you to slowly increase the number of Sun salutations because you may feel tired if you do more at an earlier stage. and after performing Sun salutation it is good practice to do the Corpse Pose(Shavasana) because it makes you relax after performing Sun salutations.

Does not matter you practice the Sun salutations early in the morning or in the evening but practice it with an empty stomach is better as many experts said. that is why I suggest the morning time is the best time to do The sun salutation.

Practice the sun salutation where you get better ventilation and pure air to maximize the benefits and effectiveness of this exercise.

Another important point I want to share with you is. to get a good yoga trainer to do this exercise.

because many people do it in a different way. I will not say it’s wrong but for the best result.

you should practice the right way, That is my point.

Many people chant mantras while performing sun salutation but it is not mandatory. 

But if you have a Busy schedule then Evening time is also ok.

Benefits of The Sun salutation.

  1. Most noteworthy It helps to lose body weight.
  2.  strengthens muscles and joints.
  3.  improves digestion system must for those who want to improve digestion system and improve appetite.
  4.  helps to overcome the problem of anxiety.
  5.  normalizes the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland.
  6.  Sun salutation helps to cure constipation.
  7. menstrual irregularity and assists in easy childbirth.
  8.  broadens chest and gives strength to shoulders.
  9.  makes your body more flexible.
  10.  enhances Skin beauty and prevents hair fall.
  11. strengthen legs and gives better body posture.
  12. Makes your mind calm and balanced because it also has breathing exercises.

Some precautions and care must take while performing The sun salutations.

  • Warm up yourself before starting the sun salutation.
  • Do not practice too much otherwise you will feel exhausted.

practice according to your own capacity and slowly increase the number of Sun Salutations.

  • Many times I forget to practice breathing exercises along with poses.

remember that the Sun Salutation is the mixture of poses(Asanas) and breathing exercise.

for better results do not forget breathing practices.

Avoid hurry do it slowly and feel every step.

At least at earlier stage don’t do it too fast. your aim is not just practicing the sun salutation but to get desired results.

  • As I said. Do it with the empty stomach.
  • If you don’t feel well or facing any difficult situation after performing Sun salutations don’t practice it.

you are doing it for better health and if you don’t feel good after practicing it. don’t do it.

  • Practise Sun salutation under expert’s observations. avoid wrong poses it is harmful and not beneficial.
  • If you are suffering from the health issues like Hernia, renal disorders, ulcer, vertigo or any such health issues. you must avoid to do this Asana and poses. ask your doctor before practicing any yoga poses or exercises. ask him whether it suits you or not.

it has many benefits to practicing this beautiful poses called sun salutation. you can add some more benefits to the above list.

dear friends! you will get many videos on YouTube to learn how to do the sun salutation. for your convenience, I posted Youtube video link Sun salutation for Beginners

Sources: suryanamaskara



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