Thunderbolt Pose(Vajrasana), Let us talk about this useful yoga pose. we invited to one family friend for dinner, of course, the Dinner was Indian style and vegetarian but heavy to digest, after dinner, he sat in some strange pose, I asked him, Uncle! why are you sitting like this? why don’t you sit on a chair in the comfortable pose?

He replied , I am in a pose of VAJRASANA , he added , In fact I enjoy dinner and I ate too much food, though I knew I shouldn’t eat too much, I couldn’t keep control  myself and now I have to digest the food so I am sitting in this pose, It helps me to digest the food, one of my friend told me about this , I tried and it is working for me, so I practice it daily.

I think It is the only yoga pose which can practice right after the meal. Generally, Yoga teacher or experts avoid to do yogasana after the meal but this pose is an exception.

Instantly practice after a meal especially after your dinner or night meal. Just sit in the vajrasana pose for 15-20 minutes and you will feel the difference after a specific period.

In some books, you may find the name “diamond pose” for vajrasana. Because diamond is the toughest thing in the world and Vajrasana makes you strong and tough like the diamond so another name is the diamond pose.

Many experts said Vajrasana is the perfect pose for practicing meditation because many people feel uncomfortable in padmasana while meditating.

Personally, I sit in this pose daily after night meal. If you can’t go on a walk after a meal then Vajrasana or thunderbolt pose is an excellent pose to do and another beautiful thing which I love is, I can do this pose along with watching Tv or reading newspaper.

You need little practice to do it.

Yes! some people said Vajrasana pose or thunderbolt pose(diamond pose) is very easy to do but I don’t think it is an easy pose. you need practice, patience, and determination to do or practice this pose.

because when you do it for the first time. It is possible that you will feel uncomfortable and uneasy. in this situation, you need to start from a little. I mean in the first stage try to sit for 1-2 minutes and steadily increase the time.

After some practice, you can sit in thunderbolt pose for 10-15 minutes. You may feel pain at your knees or ankles at an earlier stage but after consistency practice, you will feel it easy.

In Japanese culture, they often sit in this pose with the name Seiza

he asked me, why don’t you try this vajrasana, I said why not, but when I tried for the first time I couldn’t hold my body even for a minute, I said to him, Uncle ! this is very difficult and I think I can’t do it, he said you are finding it difficult because you need some practice to make this easy, in fact, he was right, when I was practising it daily, day by day I increased my capacity to sit in this pose.

I googled about this asana (pose) and I found very interesting information about this. First of all, let me tell you what is the meaning of vajrasana. Vajrasana is a word comes from the Sanskrit word “vajra” vajra means “thunderbolt” or “firmness” and “asana” means posture.

Certainly, it works for those who have problems related to digestion.

though it is a little difficult to sit in this pose for the first few days after some practice, it will be easy to sit. Benefits which I got is excellent and, I want to share some words about this Asana (posture) with you.

Benefits of thunderbolt pose vajrasana.

the vajra Nadi is part of the network of pathways through which life force energy travels in the body.).

  •  helps to relieve constipation.

It gives stress on your abdominal area hence helps to cure constipation and strengthens abdominal muscles and ultimately digestion system.

  •  gives strength to lower back and legs.
  •  Boost your digestion.
  • sitting in this pose helps to keep up the shape of the hips.
  • many stomach problems can solve with the help of this pose.
  •  reduces acidity.
  • helps to lose weight.
  •  makes our lower body more flexible and keeps our body in shape.
  •  also helps to improve our concentration.
  • strengthens the sexual organs.
  • Improves blood circulation to Pelvic muscles and strengthens it.
  • Vajrasana or thunderbolt pose also helps to cut mental stress.
  • Makes your body and muscles stronger.
  • If you often experience mood swings. Vajrasana can help you.
  • It helps to cure-all problems arise due to indigestion or poor bowel movement including irritable bowel syndrome, gas, indigestion.
  • helps to absorbs required nutrients to the digestive system hence gives better nutrients and many other direct or indirect health-related especially problems related to digestion can solve with thunderbolt, diamond or vajrasana pose.

If you are suffering from knee pain please do it carefully or first consult with your yoga teacher.

I avoid writing the instructions about how to do thunderbolt pose. because it is difficult to write for me and difficult to understand for you that is why I posted a video link and image so you will get a clear idea about.

How to do vajrasana or thunderbolt pose.

I am posting video link and some images here below to help you.

please share if you know more about  “thunderbolt pose”. thank you for reading this, have a good time. please refer the below video link and image. 

thunderbolt pose     

yoga poses to improve digestion


 health benefits of vajrasana

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