Treat Diarrhea with black tea yes! my friends If you Are you suffering from irritable bowel syndrome D,

then diarrhea is the most common symptoms you find. We discussed a lot about irritable bowel syndrome and its types but here in this post I am going to tell you about one simple solution for you, this home remedy works if you suffering from diarrhea.

actually, it can control any type of diarrhea. (in case of diarrhea due to food poisoning, I am not sure about this trick. maybe it works or not you can research about it ) but in most of the cases of diarrhea, this is one of the best home remedies to cure diarrhea.

tea powder mixed with milk gives you more trouble, but tea without milk (Black tea) is a good remedy for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, please don’t try it for IBS with C. and it also tests well when a mixed proper amount of tea powder with sufficient amount of lemon Juice.

Sometimes you eat something which you should not and you have to pay for it later. But don’t worry this home remedy will help you. I am Sharing this home remedy because I tried it. but once again I want to suggest to you.

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My friends, always try to avoid those food items which does not suit your intestine and digestive system.

My opinion is,

any home remedy can help you up to the certain limit but to avoid the bad or trigger food items is always better.

My tips and tricks to cure irritable bowel syndrome in detail with a 1-minute video.

According to experts, Black tea has Tannic which helps to detoxify your gastrointestinal tract by flushing out toxic elements through Urine.

It also helps to Calm the inflammation In your GI tract and soothes it. As per many people if you drink regularly the black tea with lemon it is good for your heart,

on the other side, some say drinking black tea on a regular basis can give you diarrhea, vomiting, and many other health issues.

But my friends I am not here to tell you that you must drink it daily. I just want to share with you that, it helps to cure my diarrhea. It does not mean you should drink it daily because it also has some side effects.

But too much is harmful no matter what you drink, eat or use. Too much drinking of black tea is definitely harmful and has some side effects.

but that’s not our topic for today, today we are talking about how to Cure Diarrhea with black tea.?

Because I want to share home remedy if you are facing diarrhea due to food poisoning or in my case, it works for IBS D. Which will help you to Cure Diarrhea with black tea.

According to Wikipedia,  tannic acid and Tannic, both are not the same according to the wiki. Tannic and Tannic acid both are different and one should not use as interchangeable things.

what is black tea good for, black tea recipe, how to make black tea, tannin in tea,  uses of tannin
                                     Black tea (Image source – YourStory)

you can research more on this, but one thing is sure. you can control or Cure diarrhea with black tea.

I remember When I was suffering from cramps and diarrhea at midnight and didn’t have any anti-diarrheal medicine.

and I don’t have any option so I tried this home remedy which my grandmother used to.

 was using it for the first time and was doubtful about the result but a few minutes after drinking,

It felt that cramps in my stomach were not that much horrible that it was before a few minutes.

Though I had to go for urination many times that was not much difficult for me. For me, the cramps and diarrhea was the real issue and thanks to my grandmother and God.

Sometimes she used to use lemon with milk but seriously.

It was very bad taste and I never dare to try it again ;-).

I want to give you a small suggestion.

Avoid too much tea powder because it tastes too bitter.

use the proper amount of tea and the proper amount of lemon juice so it will taste good.

How to Prepare Lemon tea or black tea to Cure Diarrhea with black tea.

1) prepare black tea, don’t add too much tea powder it may taste bitter.

take tea powder according to your taste.

2) squeeze the half lemon in that black tea, mix it properly for better results and drink it.

Benefits:-  it helps to cut pain and cramps in the stomach.

It gives good relief when it flares up and reduces cramps.

Very useful in diarrhea.

Makes great help if you are lactose intolerant because black tea doesn’t contain milk but gives freshness.

If you love tea but having the problem of acidity this is a good option for you.

Yesterday I tried it when it flares up. May it work for you and I will get some joy from sharing, Have a good time.

Note: you can try black tea with or without Lemon juice. I tried it with lemon but many people didn’t say anything about using lemon with black tea.

Sources: Tannic


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