How to treat IBS and what are the home remedies and natural remedies for IBS.

Fighting with IBS D from last 10 years and learned a lot of things and ways to manage this symptom, though I couldn’t get 100 % success, life becomes a bit easy due to some tricks, tips, medicines and diet change. I want to share these tricks, tips, and medicines which will help you to manage the symptoms. let us see some tips, tricks, and remedies for Irritable bowel with diarrhea.

How to treat IBS and what are the home remedies and natural remedies for IBS.

Entostal: this is the tablet my friend suggests me. I always keep it in my pocket.

it has Aegle marmelos (Bael) and some other effective herbs and contents which is very effective in case of diarrhea, inflammation, cramps, and stomach ache. I observed when I have IBS attack and pain in my stomach.

it reduces intensity of pain and controls the urge of motion, especially when I have to attend some function or if someone invites me for dinner or lunch it works like damage controller(you know the embarrassing situations when you have irritable bowel syndrome with Diarrhea but it does not mean you have permission to eat anything which triggers your symptoms.

it does not work if you eat too much-triggered food items so keep in mind it is just to give you some relief but doesn’t allow you to eat whatever you want. thanks to my friend who suggested me such an effective herbal medicine.

♦ Psyllium husk or isabgol is the fiber supplement which is helping me from last 2 years.

when I had diarrhea out of control, I consume it mix with yogurt to prevent loose motion and diarrhea.

 take it twice a day or single time before you go to bed. I suggest you to avoid an overdose of it to prevent gas and bloat.

How intermediate fasting can control diarrhea and IBS.

♦ Fasting is the way to keep my IBS D symptoms under control. Perhaps it only works for IBS D, not for C

do not fast for 24 hours, fasting time totally depends on my brain signal.

if my brain suggests that I should stop fasting and must eat something then I follow its order.

I often things that we must follow the instructions of our brain to avoid unhappy situations.

♦ peppermint leaves or peppermint tea is my another hope to keep my IBS D manageable. I boil 4-6 peppermint leaves in warm water and drink that warm water to cut cramps.

I suggest you drink hot water at your own comfort level. very much hot water may harm you.

♦one small bite of ginger when you feel vomiting and discomfort.

it gives instant relief but it is hot in nature so don’t use excessively.

Important words to remember and How to treat IBS and what are the home remedies and natural remedies for IBS.

Dear friends. I suggested some Ayurvedic medicines and herbs cure irritable bowel syndrome but frankly speaking, above medicines controls your symptoms and cure irritable bowel syndrome up to certain extent but 100% cure is possible only with changes in diet and lifestyle. you can read some more experiences and tips of mine which I tried first on myself in -ibs/ 


Many people complaint that they tried everything but did not get relief from IBS. Yes! they are not wrong. they might have tried everything but sometimes you need to change the way.

sometimes something does not work then we must change our plan but shouldn’t change the goal.

I already said in my previous post that IBS is the outcome of low immunity of our intestine as well as it is the possible outcome of imbalance of Vata, Kapha, and pitta(airy, watery and fiery element).

I worked hard to balance my vata,kafa, and pitta and could manage my IBS symptoms under control.

hey! I am sorry but I am not a lier and that’s why I admit that I couldn’t beat IBS completely but I get succeed up to 70% and this is a very precious achievement for me.

Ayurveda treats IBS as a weaker digestion or imbalance of Vata, Kafa, and pitta but one thing is for sure.

your intestine does not respond normally and you have to face diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, anxiety, fatigue, and so many symptoms that any IBS sufferer generally experienced.

Know more in details about how I controlled my IBS with Ayurvedic Medication, Yoga and diet changes.

I am curious to know about your ways to control and cure for IBS.

tell me how did you get IBS relief because it’s not over yet. 30% work is yet to finish 🙂

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have a healthy Gut healthy life.


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