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I want to share one of my experiences.

Vaccination And My Fear

When I was near about 8 years old, My brother caught with chickenpox. After 2 or 3 days my elder sister also suffered from the same. Then, I was a little scared that oh my god! I also will suffer from the same. I was avoiding to both of them and was spending my day playing outdoor games.

My Granny was observing this. One day she forcefully sent me to my brother and sister to play with them. Next day I also caught the same. I was very angry with Granny, but I didn’t know about her plan. Next day, she came to me and told me the reason why she forced me to be with elder siblings. I was totally surprised when she told me the reason. She said n, ” You will never catch with the same disease again.” “Aaaaa!!!!! How is it possible?”, I surprisingly asked her with an open mouth.

Reason for this is similar to vaccination.

Once you caught with such disease, your immune system produces fighter within you. We call them antibodies. Now your body has learned the tact to fight with the same bacteria. In result, the same virus or bacteria can’t harm your body. Vaccination is also similar to this. Let’s know how.

What Is Vaccination

            There is a difference between playing a game first time and playing the same game the second time. Once you learn the technique to play the game and trained to play, it will be quite difficult to defeat you in that game because you are now master in that game. Isn’t it? Vaccination is something like that only.

Vaccination is a word from the Latin word ‘vacca’ means cow.

It is also called as Immunization. Vaccination is a kind of military training for the body, where a body is made strong or resistant to viral or infectious diseases normally under the supervision of vaccines. Vaccination process promotes or stimulates the own immune system to fight against infections or diseases.

Do you know a surprising fact about this vaccination?

The study says that Vaccination is a process where antigens of the same disease are sent in the body when a person is absolutely fine and physically strong because a normal person (without illness) can produce antibodies much faster than ill one.

As soon as the immune system observes foreign raiders or invaders in the body, it attacks those foreign bacteria or antigens. Now your immune system is completely known about antigens and how to fight with them. So these same invaders cannot harm you for the next time. Because the immune system is now master in fighting with these known raiders and save your body from attack.

Do They Harm Our Body

You asked a very good and interesting question, that is ‘Do these purposely sent antigens in body harm our body?

No, my friends. vaccination is to protect from disease and not to spread diseases. Let’s discuss in brief about how vaccination is safe prevention. You will automatically get the answer to your question.

According to the study on vaccination by Philadelphia Vaccine Education, vaccines are the product of dead or weaken antigens. That is the Avirulence form of antigens which are non-active in our body. They cannot cause any infections or diseases. When you send these weak antigens to the body, the immune system doesn’t know whether these antigens are harmful or not.

They are still invaders for your body. So the immune system produces many antibodies in response. When we pass this fear of antigens, many antibodies get damage and destroy but memory cells remain in the body who can fight off with raiders and prevent dangerous diseases.

Benefits of Vaccination

It is always beneficial to take prevention than treatment.

Here are some benefits of vaccination:

  • Vaccination trains our immune system to fight with those particular diseases.
  • Naturally acquired immunity is always harmless than artificially provided.
  • It is always cheaper to prevent diseases than to treat it and vaccination provides prevention of diseases.
  • An easiest and cheaper solution to prevent not only yourself but also the people around us is Vaccination.
  • Vaccination gives almost surety of dangerous diseases like Polio, smallpox and many more.
  • one of the best ways to protect children from dangerous diseases is vaccination.

Father of vaccination

      Many claimed studies say that Dr. Edward Jenner is the father of vaccination. So, let’s know about his research in brief.

The story of Mr. Jenner

In 1796 a dairymaid named Sarah, came to Dr. Jenner to consult about rashes on her hand. He diagnosed it as cowpox. Sarah confirmed that one of her cows had cowpox and might have infected with that cow. Jenner thought this is an opportunity to prove his theory of vaccination practically. For this, He chooses a boy named James, who was the son of his Gardner. On 14th May 1796, he took off some liquid from Sarah’s rash and rubbed it on James’s hand by making scratches on his wrist.

Desperate James went happily from there after giving some snacks. Now it was really challenging for Mr. Jenner to check the fact in his observation.  After a few days, James was suffering from mild fever but it had cured within a week and he didn’t get infected with even smallpox and Dr. Jenner proved his fact about vaccination. From that day he was known as the father of Vaccination.

Claim Based Upon Ancient History Studies

According to ancient history, it is also mentioned that ancient Indian sages were aware of this inoculation and they used to inoculate the people to prevent particular infections.

The study also says that one of the British named William Oliver, who is known for the invention of vaccine for chickenpox, wrote in his diary about this awareness of inculcation in India.

I don’t want to go in depth with this invention. Whoever invented the vaccination, but it is a great job for all human beings.

So this is all about vaccination. I tried my level best to share all about vaccination.

Be socially aware and spread the importance of vaccination.

Thank you, friends.

See you at such an interesting topic.

Be socially aware. Be a good citizen.

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