Benefits of drinking warm water. I was suffering from digestion problem and IBS and I went to medical shop actually it was an Ayurvedic medical shop,  that shop owner was the old and very experienced person in Ayurvedic medicine, he suggested me to drink warm or hot water instead of cold water, I asked why?  He said warm /hot water will help you to improve your digestion and will make your digestion system more healthy.

I followed his instruction and got very good results.

he suggested drinking hot or warm water 30-60 minutes before meal and 45 to 60 minutes after the meal.

I followed that and it works , really it helps me to digest food , it helps me to regular my bowel movement, before few months someone gave me same suggestion but I neglected that, and I was feeling bad that why I did not follow this suggestion already, let it be but friends you can try this warm water , am going to tell you some health benefits of warm/hot water ., am using both words warm and hot because someone may not drink hot water., friends please don’t drink too much hot water, try it with your own level of comfort , I mean someone can easily drink hot water but some other can’t, so it depends on person.,

 benefits of warm water.

1)It reduces constipation and stomach pain: drinking warm water in the morning with the empty stomach it improves the intestine movement, thus food can pass through the intestine smoothly.

2)it helps to improve appetite: as per Ayurveda “Agni” ( fire element)  digest our food and drinking warm water causes to improve our appetite.

if your appetite is not good then to drink hot or warm water can help you

3) many skin related problems are due to poor digestion and warm water helps to improve your digestion

and makes your skin more beautiful and increase the elasticity.

4) it means it can prevent premature aging you look younger and fresh.

5) Drinking hot water may flush out toxins out of your body: because it increases the temperature of your body and causes to sweat to cool down. sweating helps to flush out toxins out of your body and you will feel better because your inner system will be toxin free.

5) as no toxins in your body, automatically body’s stamina will improve.

6) you can add lemon with warm water which can cut your weight: warm/hot water increases metabolic rate means more calories burned by the body, so it’s better to try this idea than trying very hard and painful diet plan.

7) try hot/warm water if you are suffering from cramps and pain in your stomach: it may give soothing effect when you are suffering from stomach cramps and pain.

consistent and avoid to drink excess amount of hot water.

friends if we want any results we have to do the things consistently, I got results but I was inconsistent and again faced same problems so I started this magical warm /hot water again, so simple and so easy to do this, may it doesn’t sound interesting to drink hot water but try it consistently , you will get good results .

here, I said about the benefits of drinking warm water. Please add if you know more about benefits of drinking warm water and share your experiences. Have a healthy, wealthy and happy day friend.


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